Collection: Fall in Love

FALL IN LOVE// 9/23/2023 Autumn Equinox
Fall in love/ pt. one /A collection full of fall hues, dangling leaves and so much love.

Summer is over and fall is among us. The autumn equinox is a time for having gratitude for the harvest. Maybe to you, that’s the garden you planted in the spring and have nurtured all summer and now has given you an abundance of nutrients you need bringing you into fall, or maybe it’s all of the manifestations, goals, and intentions you’ve gained and overcome…Honor those achievements and be deeply grateful for all you have made it through and become the incredible being you are.

Fall for me has always been my favorite season. Growing up it was forever a magical time. Not only for the obvious reasons of the sky’s being sparkled with warm ambient hues, the crisp chilly mornings or the abundance of harvests but fall was different when I was a child where it felt like a dream everyday.

I’d wake up so excited for life, the air is chilly and crisp, and a warm breakfast from my mom waiting at the table. Spending our weekends at the apple orchards driving through hills admiring their variety of flaming colors. Almost illumines-scent leaves as the sun set. Being filled with so much warmth and love by the end of the day and then we do it all over again. Everything was soft and felt so easy, so flowing.

This collection was made to capture those moments. The falling leaves, the release to new beginnings and the deep feeling of love I have for fall.

Wear each piece as a reminder to release the things that aren’t aligned with your highest self, be overflowing with gratitude for everything you’ve done to make it here. Be forever conscious to always honor your inner child.

I hope you love this collection of functional art🍁💛🥹