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Man in the moon

Man in the moon

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MAN IN THE MOON// 🌜A hand dawn crescent moon face soldered to a wire hoop. Available in Both sterling silver and 14k gold-fill. 🌛

One thing about fall that will forever be in my memories was all of the movies my parents would share with us as kids that were their favorites when they were young. One in particular my mom showed me was Man in the moon. A complicated love story in the end bringing two sisters back together making their bond even stronger.

The Moon is made up of lunar 'seas' and highlands that we see from Earth as dark and light patches. People around the world have interpreted these lunar landscapes into familiar shapes to create folk tales. One of which is a European legend about a man being banished to the moon as a punishment. In the Northern Hemisphere, the different lunar seas make up the 'Man in the Moon's' face. The Seas of Serenity and Rain are his eyes; the Sea of Clouds forms his mouth; and the Seas of Islands and Vapours make up his nose.

I’ve always had a draw to all the celestial bodies especially the sun and moon. These hoops fill apart of my younger self that I didn’t even know needed to be filled💛 They are so simple but also such a fun statement to add to any outfit.


All jewelry is made with 14k gold-fill and sterling silver!

Shipping & Returns

As of now shipping is free! Returns are usually just for repairs or exchanges but is all done on a case by case situation💛 Thank you for understanding!

Care Instructions

These jewelry pieces can last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Gold-fill pieces should be taken off when cleaning/ using chemicals and should be kept out of water. Store your pieces in a dry environment.

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