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The Paige necklace

The Paige necklace

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Introducing the ✨Paige necklace✨
This necklace features a captivating faceted peridot stone as its centerpiece. The stone's enchanting green hue dances with the play of light, reflecting the freshness of a verdant forest in early morning. The peridot stone is believed to infuse its wearer with a renewed sense of purpose, enabling them to embrace growth, positivity, and harmony in their journey through life.


All jewelry is made with 14k gold-fill and sterling silver!

Shipping & Returns

As of now shipping is free! Returns are usually just for repairs or exchanges but is all done on a case by case situation💛 Thank you for understanding!

Care Instructions

These jewelry pieces can last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Gold-fill pieces should be taken off when cleaning/ using chemicals and should be kept out of water. Store your pieces in a dry environment.

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