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Eclectic Sol

The Skyler ring

The Skyler ring

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Meet the Skyler ring The peridot's energy wraps around your finger like a whisper of nature's essence, infusing you with a warm and invigorating touch. This vivacious gem is known to channel the energies of positivity, clarity, and inner harmony. With every glance at the Skyler ring, the peridot's brilliance serves as a reminder to embrace life's joys, allowing its radiant energy to envelop you in a sense of boundless optimism and a connection to the world's natural best


All jewelry is made with 14k gold-fill and sterling silver!

Shipping & Returns

As of now shipping is free! Returns are usually just for repairs or exchanges but is all done on a case by case situation💛 Thank you for understanding!

Care Instructions

These jewelry pieces can last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Gold-fill pieces should be taken off when cleaning/ using chemicals and should be kept out of water. Store your pieces in a dry environment.

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