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Estival Arches

Estival Arches

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Estival(Latin) //summer ; belonging to summer.

These statement earrings were inspired by Mayan traditions for the summer solstice, also know as MIDSOMMAR.

The Mayans have two seasons the dry season and the rainy season. The summer solstice is what marks the switch between the two. To find when the the solstice has arrived they would observe where the light of the sun would enter the door ways. When it would pour in at the center, summer solstice had arrived. Once all was aligned they would then give gratitude and ask for rain to allow abundance in all areas including their crops.

Rain is believed to be the union of earth and sky which in return gives us all life. These earrings are just that. The arched door ways with the sun emerging. The design intricately weaves together elements of rain, which connects the heavens and the earth, and lightning, seen as serpents of the sky.

I created these special earrings to not only the summer solstice traditions but to welcome summer✨☀️🌱 Let the jingle of the wire wrapped moonstone and dangling snakes be a gentle reminder to be filled with gratitude just as the Mayans did. Also remember…a little rain won’t hurt you✨
Be filled with GRATITUDE always.🐞


// D E T A I L S //

Intentionally handcrafted in Eau Claire, WI

14k gold fill & sterling silver




*this piece only comes in a mixed metals option 


All jewelry is made with 14k gold-fill and sterling silver!

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Care Instructions

These jewelry pieces can last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. Gold-fill pieces should be taken off when cleaning/ using chemicals and should be kept out of water. Store your pieces in a dry environment.

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